Amateur naturalist and photographer, currently living on and exploring the Westwood Farm/Lions Youth Haven in Kambah, ACT, which is a private property. The Farm has some wonderful Box-Gum woodland, albeit with mostly exotic grasses in the horse agistment and cattle paddocks, but also some great Kangaroo Grass grassland along the creeklines. The Farm falls within the ACT Government's Western Edge Investigation Area, which means there's potential for housing development. Fingers crossed it's more suitable for one of the other options! 

The Farm is delineated by the Lions Youth Haven map

For photography I use a Nikon Coolpix P900 bridge camera which I like for its great zoom, reasonable macro setting, video capability and ability to georeference photos, and a Google Pixel phone. I like sharing my images of Australian wildlife and landscapes on Instagram here: helenwylkscross

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