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Major support from ACT Government Connecting Nature, Connecting People project

Posted by AaronClausen

 21 Feb 2023

Hi NatureMapr community,

We have been extremely fortunate to secure some very significant support from the ACT Government's Connecting Nature, Connecting People project.

As you know, we are 10 years in and we have benefited from some financial backing from ACT Government for quite some time. Largely that existing support covered our ever growing infrastructure costs and a tiny bit of extra support/time. But it has always been tricky to properly look after the growing platform alongside our team's varying work, family and other life commitments.

This additional support from Connecting Nature, Connecting People is extremely significant.

It is the first time we are being supported to the extent where we will be able to dedicate considerably more capacity to properly supporting and enhancing the platform and getting some major runs on the board for our awesome citizen science community.

The important contribution that this community makes is being noticed, supported and encouraged to grow and do bigger and better things.

I will post some more information about Connecting Nature, Connecting People soon along with more information around some of the things it is enabling us to deliver.

It is a privilege to be a key part of the project which is also doing broader exciting things and we are extremely grateful for this support.


KorinneM wrote:
   21 Feb 2023
That is awesome!!! Congratulations for all the hard work from your team!
   21 Feb 2023
Harrisi wrote:
   22 Feb 2023
Brilliant news!
   5 Mar 2023
sounds great. Is there anywhere we can donate money to the cause? I haven't found anything on the naturemap websites. :)

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